About NeuroSpark


Maybe you feel different.

Maybe you have trouble fitting in, and maybe you don’t want to.

Maybe your brain doesn’t work the same as everyone else, and that is okay.
Maybe you’re sensitive to stimuli or have specific preferences.
Maybe social situations are overwhelming.
Maybe people just don’t understand you.
Maybe you were mislabeled as a child.

Maybe it’s hard to complete certain tasks.

Maybe you don’t fit conventionally understood characteristics of neurodivergence.

You have unique strengths and assets that only you can bring to the table.
With support, you can be amazed by what you can do.

We get it. We see you. We welcome you. We are rooting for you. We want to be connected.


Here at NeuroSpark, we are a very colorful group. Because we value showing up as ourselves in our work no matter what, you can too. It’s nice to be in a setting where people don’t feel the need to mask-- it’s a noticeable difference that makes our interactions both positive and enjoyable. Our goal is for you to feel that difference from your very first interaction with us.

Here’s what you should know about us:

  • We strive to infuse DEI practices in everything we do. We especially want to eliminate barriers for women, people of color, LGBTQIA+, and gender-diverse folks as they face disproportionate rates of diagnosis and treatment.

  • The Bottom Line: We come from a place of total acceptance and zero judgment. We welcome all people across the beautiful, dynamic, multidimensional spectrum of neurodiversity, gender diversity, sexuality, ability, race, creed and culture.