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About NeuroSpark

At NeuroSpark Health we live, breathe, and give our all to providing neurodiversity-affirming care for autistic and ADHD adults.

After recognizing and experiencing firsthand the discouraging gap in services, we decided to be the change. Our mission is to provide comprehensive and specialized autism and ADHD assessments for adults, and therapy, coaching, and accommodations consulting. Our clients are the experts of their own experience, and our job is to help them get the answers and support they need to stand in their power with self-awareness and a sense of community.

Our Commitment

At the core of NeuroSpark Health is a commitment to creating a safe and inclusive space. We recognize that the path to self-discovery can be transformative, and our team is dedicated to providing support, understanding, and resources that work for each person's unique neurotype and identity.

Our Vibe

Picture a group that's unequivocally judgment-free, affirming, and professional— that's us. We're not your typical mental health practice; we are centered and specialized in this community. We're a team of vibrant minds ready to show up as ourselves, so you can feel safe to do the same. Bring your pets and fidgets and get comfortable.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Lived experience as our primary value: All of our team members are neurodivergent themselves. There are too many neurotypical-dominated spaces in this field, and we’re here to change that.

  • Neurodiversity-Affirming Approach: We celebrate neurodiversity as a fundamental aspect of human variation. Our assessments and services are designed to affirm, validate, and de-pathologize each individual's neurodivergent identity.

  • Respect for Intersectionality: We strive to infuse DEI practices in everything we do. We especially want to eliminate barriers for women, people of color, LGBTQIA+, and gender-diverse folks as they face disproportionate rates of diagnosis and treatment.

  • Efficiency and Accessibility: We understand the importance of timely support. Our streamlined processes aim to eliminate long wait times and help guide you through the process, providing quick and efficient results for our clients.

  • Post-Diagnosis Support: We understand that identification/diagnosis is only the beginning. We’ve designed our service offerings to provide you with ongoing support, including therapy, coaching, and assistance with the disability accommodations process.

  • Human Connection: We answer our phones and emails personally. Please feel free to connect, say hi, or ask any questions you may have. We take care in providing resources and recommendations that are helpful and meaningful.

The Bottom Line

We come from a place of total acceptance and zero judgment. We welcome all people across the beautiful, dynamic, multidimensional spectrum of neurodiversity, gender diversity, sexuality, ability, race, creed, and culture.

Our Process

Our services are designed to be easy, client-centered, and empowering. From the initial consultation to the delivery of results, we guide individuals through a journey of self-discovery, offering insights, recommendations, and a foundation for continued support.

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