Accommodations Consulting

All People have Equal Potential if They Receive Equal Opportunities

We want you to feel supported in all areas of your life, including workplaces and academic settings.

Schools and workplaces are required by law to make adjustments that enable individuals with disabilities to perform their duties. This can make a huge difference to reduce the barriers in work/school environments and create equitable opportunities to support your success.

Book an Accommodations Discovery Session with us to meet with a qualified disability advocate who can help identify the areas of accommodation you could benefit from and what that could look like for you. All accommodations are in accordance with the ADA.

An Accommodations Discovery Session is a comprehensive and in-depth conversation about your role to identify what is working for you and what is not working for you, identify specific areas you need addressing, and engage in creative problem-solving together to come up with solutions that can make work more inclusive for you. All of this information will be compiled in a report that details specific job tasks that are problematic, and our proposed accommodation ideas that eliminate those barriers.

Your NeuroSpark Disability Advocate will also review documentation as necessary and can draft an accommodation request letter together that you can present to your employer.

Not sure if this service is right for you? Contact us to schedule a free no obligation consultation.

Our fees are straightforward and transparent:

Accommodations Consulting Services - $200 per 60-minute session