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Career Coaching

You Deserve to Find a Career Role that Honors how Your Brain and Body Works

For support in transitioning jobs or careers, or transitioning from higher education to the workforce, NeuroSpark is here to help.

As newly identified neurodivergent and disabled adults, we often find that the way we have been working, or even our role, is no longer sustainable as we learn about ourselves, begin to unmask, and get our needs met.

Our Career Coach can support you by:

  • Working with you to identify strengths to determine best fit employment roles for how your brain and body works

  • Supporting you in navigating job searches

  • Providing resources on disability and neurodivergent inclusive job search platforms

  • Supporting you in writing and talking about skills & transferable skills

  • Equipping you with advocacy tools for interview and onboarding process

  • Scripting ways to talk about yourself and your needs from a strengths-based approach vs. deficit model

  • Supporting you in getting accommodations in your new workplace

Our fees are straightforward and transparent:

​​​​​​​Career Services - $150 per 50-minute session