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Cat Salladin, LSW

Cat Salladin, LSW

Master of Social Work,
Rutgers University
Bachelor of Arts in Social Work,
Rutgers University

Cat Salladin is an LSW who graduated from Rutgers University with a Masters of Social Work in 2023. Before she even knew what a special interest was, autism/neurodivergence became one of Cat's special interests during her MSW program. Through her research, she realized that she, herself, is autistic and ADHD and later received those diagnoses. Being diagnosed as AuDHD confirmed her passion for working with neurodivergent people and advocating for a more accepting and accommodating society.

Cat was an elite swimmer for 17 years before retiring due to Long Covid in November of 2022. She was a member of the 2017 U.S. National Team and represented the US at World Championships in the 25km Open Water event. She went on to represent the University of Alabama for two years before transferring to Rutgers University in 2020. During college, she dealt with physical and mental health issues that began as a result of Overtraining Syndrome and burnout. Despite never fully recovering her health enough to remake the National Team, Cat is grateful for her athletic experience and the perspective it has given her as she makes the transition from athlete to mental health provider.

In graduate school, Cat worked in-home with children ages 5 to 17. It was during this field practicum where she gained valuable experience working with individuals who had been repeatedly judged as having “behavioral problems”; however, she noticed that many of the children she worked with displayed signs of neurodivergence that had been overlooked, ignored, and dismissed. This experience further fueled her passion for neurodivergence advocacy and working one on one with neurodivergent individuals.

After college, Cat worked as a therapist in a community mental health center. She saw clients of all backgrounds, orientations, neurotypes, and ages. During this time, she worked with a number of neurodivergent clients and especially enjoyed the experience of helping a fellow neurodivergent person discover their identity and accept self-compassion. Through her time in CMH, she realized that she wanted to work in a space solely for and with neurodivergent people, and she is thrilled to have joined NeuroSpark as a coach!

Cat is open to working with neurodivergent clients of all ages and backgrounds, and specializes in late-diagnosed AFAB people and those with chronic illnesses. She has experience working with individuals enduring burnout, struggling with their neurodivergent identity, exploring and accepting queerness, facing executive dysfunction, and more.