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A Variety of Support Options Tailored to You

Whether you are self-diagnosed, formally diagnosed, or simply have unique support needs, we offer specialized coaching as you navigate the landscape of your life.

Our coaches are professionals who are proudly neurodivergent themselves. They offer guidance, support, and advice that come from a place of lived experience and understanding. This makes a big difference in being able to join your world and partner with you in a non judgemental way– prioritizing the relationship without a power differential.

Our amazing coaches come up with creative solutions and think outside of the box. They can be an ally, an advocate, an educator, your personal cheerleader, a listening ear, a person to bounce ideas off of, a person to share your dreams with, explore your identity, identify your needs, understand your sensory profile, set meaningful goals, problem solve, tackle a difficult task together, manage burnout, find your purpose, try new things, help you organize, help you prioritize, keep you accountable, build healthy habits, and encourage your overall success in work, school, home, family, relationships, parenting, or transitions. The possibilities are infinite.

We categorize and conceptualize our coaching services in two different categories:

Integrative Coaching

Best for people who have emotional, relationship, or general life coaching needs. They may be exploring their neurodivergent identities, or they may have recently received a diagnosis and want to process what that means for them while also identifying how to build a life that is more supportive. They may not need or want therapy for any specific mental health reason, but could still use some added support in their lives as they manage their day-to-day roles and responsibilities.

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Career Coaching

Best for people who need specialized, career specific support. Career coaching is an excellent resource for people who feel their jobs are not supportive or sustainable to them and are looking for solutions. They may be career-pivoters and need help moving in a different direction. They may be between jobs and looking for the right fit. Disability accommodations assistance is also included as part of the career coaching service, if desired.

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Coaching and consultation services are individualized to your needs, where you are in your life, and what your goals are.

Coaching Services - $150 per 50-minute session

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