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Consultation Services

Consultation for Clinicians and Therapists in Training

At NeuroSpark, we have a passion for helping clinicians grow and develop their own neurodiversity affirming private practices.

We offer one-on-one consultations with new therapists and therapists-in-training interested in learning how to work from a neuro-affirming framework. We also offer consultation for clinicians wanting to expand their current work to include ND affirming practices.

Consultation focus may include:

  • Education about the neurodiversity movement, how to serve as an ally, and affirming marginalized intersectionalities in ND communities

  • Establishing a neuro-inclusive, nonjudgmental, and person-centered practice

  • Reconceptualizing autism as something to be supported and not “fixed.”

  • Eliminating the practice of inadvertently encouraging neurodivergent people to conform to neurotypical norms.

  • Education about inclusive language

  • Evaluating bias and stereotypes towards neurodivergent conditions

  • Gain a more in depth understanding about autism and ADHD in adults, including assessment and other supportive services

  • Working from a strengths based approach rather than the traditional medical model

  • Private practice consultation - create a thriving and sustainable private practice with diverse income streams, growing from a single provider to group practice

  • Individual case consultation

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Consultation for Employers and Organizations

Diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and belonging are core to our values at NeuroSpark. We believe that when we allow others to show up authentically, we can all grow to our full potential.

We offer SME consulting and direct strategy support to help organizations of all sizes embed and sustain neuro-inclusion.

Consultation focus may include:

  • Improve culture and wellbeing for all by embracing neurodiversity

  • Challenge traditional processes: update the hiring process, create a conducive environment, fine tune organizational policies to support neurodiversity

  • Foster diversity of thought, different approaches to work, innovation and creativity

  • Leverage the strengths and unique capabilities of ND team members

  • Understand and allow necessary accommodations

Click Here to schedule a free 15-minute consultation today, or call (201)-308-3710.