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Dani Rodwell, LCSW

Dani Rodwell, LCSW

Master’s in Social Work
Montclair State University
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Montclair State University

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of New Jersey
Certified School Social Worker in the State of New Jersey
Registered Out-of-State Telehealth Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Florida
Independent Social Worker Telehealth Provider in the State of South Carolina
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (Interim Telehealth) in the State of Vermont

DIRFloortimeⓇ 101 Certification
Diversity Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace Certification

Dani Rodwell has worked in the field of autism and neurodevelopmental conditions for over 7 years. She began working with neurodivergent youth in a direct care capacity, helping them with their social skills, communication skills, activities of daily living, and recreation. She became a supervisor in this role; creating plans and providing guidance to specialists about how to use respectful, engaging, and inclusive approaches to help children make progress in developmental areas.

She also worked for a short time at a residential home for adults with mental health conditions but quickly realized that her strengths and passion belonged with the neurodivergent community. In college, she worked briefly as a Behavioral Technician providing ABA to children, however, this was not aligned with her beliefs about how to treat people. She decided to focus on building relationships, engaging children, and making them smile and laugh during sessions as opposed to “running programs” and taking data on mechanical tasks.

While in graduate school, Dani had the privilege of completing first and second-year internships at The Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health and Rebecca School, where she got introduced to the world of DIRFloortime. Through these experiences, she was able to dive into developmental and relationship-based approaches and unlearn the idea that compliance with social norms is the goal. Dani values respect, and that includes honoring, rather than trying to change, a person’s differences. This is the lens she uses to work with clients of all neurotypes, profiles, and ages.

After receiving her MSW, she became the first-ever clinician in her nonprofit agency’s Disability Support Services Department. She introduced mental health programming (providing individual and group therapy) for neurodivergent adult clients, many of whom have co-occurring mental health conditions. She also creates and facilitates training for employees on topics including human rights, dating, and relationships, for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She also created and runs a support group for parents with neurodivergent adult children.

Dani worked in a group practice setting as a psychotherapist, with a special focus on neurodivergent and LGBTQIA+ populations. In this role, she has helped clients with psychoeducation, identity exploration, self-expression, regulating emotions, and identifying and self-advocating for their needs. She has helped autistic and ADHD clients receive affirming care and treatment inside and outside the therapy room—including at school, at work, in social settings, and at home with their families. Dani has also helped provide guidance to spouses and parents of their neurodivergent loved ones, including coaching them through supporting their loved ones during times of crisis and dysregulation. Dani loves connecting with families and increasing understanding, acceptance, and support for the entire client system.

She has helped clients thoroughly explore and identify their needs, to obtain a job and academic accommodations that work for them. She loves finding creative solutions with the people she works with and helping them voice what they need and deserve.

Dani also helped clients navigate their gender and sexuality journeys at every stage, from self-discovery and exploration, to support with coming out, to taking steps towards gender confirmation.

Recently, Dani Rodwell became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and is following her innate desire to scale her work to a more macro level to create a much larger impact for the neurodivergent community. She became a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion advisor to improve inclusivity, safety, and support for neurodivergent people. She is a fierce advocate and educator. She co-founded NeuroSpark to help people meet themselves where they are at, and become empowered to rise above a neurotypical society that is structured to marginalize, oppress and disable them. She offers assessment, therapy, coaching, and consulting services to help clients channel their spark and receive support as they break through barriers and move towards their goals﹣firstly, by creating a safe, affirming, and positive space for transformation to happen.