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Formal Evaluation

Deciding to get a formal evaluation to assess your neurodivergence is a commitment that people make for many reasons:


Getting a diagnosis for the purpose of self-discovery is priceless-- to better know yourself and your relationship with the world. We are honored to take you through the process of better understanding how your brain works, awareness of your differences, your strengths, your needs, and all the unique aspects of who you are.

Understanding from Others

Unfortunately, many people without lived experience just don’t “get it.” This puts neurodivergents in the exhaustive position to be educators and advocates for themselves in everyday encounters. Getting an evaluation can help the people in your life understand what you need which can lead to experiences that are more affirming for you.

Access to Services and Benefits

Having a diagnosis opens up your right to services, support, and benefits..
Autism and ADHD are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Rehabilitation Act, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Fair Housing Act, and more legislation that is in place to prevent discrimination and increase equitable opportunities.

Access to Accommodations

Schools and workplaces are required by law to make adjustments that enable individuals with disabilities to perform their duties. This can make a huge difference to reduce the barriers in work/school environments and create equitable opportunities to support your success.

Correct Misdiagnosis

Many late-identified people are coming forward and sharing their experiences of being misdiagnosed, mislabeled, or overlooked as a child. Getting an evaluation can help correct the narratives that have been falsely created for you.


Self-diagnosis is always valid, and all neurodivergents are welcome, but getting a diagnosis may help you further engage with the neurodivergent community. We offer an online community and continuing support for all neurodivergents that you can access whenever you like.

An assessment offers people definitive answers to their questions. We are happy to chat to explore whether this investment is something that makes sense for you.

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