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What's Your Spark?

The feeling of living in your truth. The moments where you feel safe and free. Becoming comfortable in your own skin. Loving and being loved. Entering a state of flow where your creativity can run wild. Connection to self and soul.  Fully engaging in something that brings you joy. Trying new things or participating in your favorite hobbies. Traveling to a place that invigorates you. Experiencing a sense of calm. Being present in the moment.  Building relationships. Standing up for yourself. Setting boundaries. Achieving your goals. Making decisions that benefit you. Enjoying the autistic glimmer or the ADHD hyperfocus. Finally feeling like you can unmask.  Learning and growing. Making memories. Safety. Innovation. Inspiration. Confidence. Wellness. Contentment. Curiosity. Wonder. Pleasure. Joy. Self-Expression. Finding what works for you. 



There’s something indescribably special that happens when neurodivergents find their spark. We celebrate and cherish this phenomenon, and want to facilitate these experiences to bring more of these moments to your life, too. 


Services We Offer:

Autism and ADHD Assessments

We are honored to take you through the process of better understanding how your brain works, awareness of your differences, your strengths, your needs, and all the unique aspects of who you are.

1 on 1 Coaching

Whether you are self-diagnosed, formally diagnosed, or simply have unique support needs, we offer coaching and consultation to help you navigate the landscape of your life.

Accommodations Consulting

Meet with a qualified disability advocate who can help identify the areas of accommodation you could benefit from and what that could look like for you.

Neurodiversity-Affirming Therapy

Participate in therapy with an affirming provider who can help you address your mental health concerns in a way that is supportive to your neurotype.


We know that being neurodivergent comes with a lot of unique challenges, but we believe that when you find the answers, support, resources, and sense of COMMUNITY where you feel included — you can find your spark, too.

Many people who have stepped into their neurodivergent identities describe it as a transformative and liberating experience. We want to provide you with that sense of validation through neurodiversity-affirming evaluation and coaching from people who understand you.

We invite people who believe they are “wired differently” to receive comprehensive assessment and support services with our qualified, culturally-sensitive, and neurodiversity-affirming team. If you have been misdiagnosed, misunderstood, or have “slipped through the cracks” of traditional assessment processes, and you believe you may be autistic or have ADHD, contact us for a free consultation. Together we can discover who you are on this spectrum.