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Jennifer Alumbaugh

Jennifer Alumbaugh, MSc

Master of Science: Marriage and Family Therapy
Fuller School of Psychology

Bachelor of Arts: Theology Calvin College

​​​​​​​Employing Abilities At Work Certification - SHRM - in progress
Disrupt your DEI - Chrysta Wilson - in progress
Equity Centered Anti-Racist Leadership - Trudi Lebrón - in progress
Foundations in Somatic Abolitionism - Resmaa Menakem
Institute of Radical Permission - Sonya Renee Taylor & Adrienne Maree Brown
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - California, Current & Inactive
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - Texas, Current & Inactive

Jennifer Alumbaugh has specialized in working with fellow neurodivergent teens and adults as a complex systems trauma therapist for over 15 years. As a complex systems trauma therapist, Jennifer’s specialties were working with LGBTQIA2S+ clients navigating deconstruction and healing from religious / cult trauma and with clients healing from psychological abuse. As a creative writer and visual artist, Jennifer has incorporated creative process into much of her therapy work. They have developed and run therapeutic creative writing programs for teens at community mental health agencies; Texas Juvenile Justice Department facilities; and in partnership with Girl Scouts of America, Jennifer created and lead a therapeutic writing program for incarcerated mothers at the Linda Woodman State Jail.

In 2021 Jennifer fully realized their Autistic-ADHD identity (plus a whole collection of other neurodivergences & learning differences) at the age of 42. This revelation was equally transformative and disruptive and started Jennifer on a path to a new mission and purpose. In 2022 Jennifer retired from direct clinical care and closed her therapy practice in order to focus fully on NeuroInclusion Accessibility Consulting, Speaking, and Training in an effort to work at the systems level to change circumstances for neurokin in schools, communities, workplaces, healthcare, and beyond.

In her earliest years of clinical development, Jennifer got involved with the arts and community programming of Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural an independent bookstore and cultural center serving the San Fernando Valley north of Los Angeles, CA. This community introduced Jennifer to understanding the nature and origins of systems trauma, intersectionality, collective care, and communal healing through radical liberation. Through her involvement in the spoken-word poetry and artist-activist community the seeds were planted for Jennifer to begin the intentional work of deconstructing internalized white supremacy and learning how to practice being an anti-racist accomplice.

Through neuroinclusion, Jennifer is committed to dismantling systems of oppression in order to build new systems of care, access, inclusion, belonging, and liberation. In addition to her work with NeuroSpark and Expansive Expressions, they also volunteer with Unsilenced to provide an online support circle for neurodivergent survivors of the Troubled Teen Industry and once a month holds an Art-Rage-Grief circle for neurodivergent adults to process, through creative expression, the heaviness of life. Jennifer brings all the wisdom from her random resume and life experiences into how she connects with and relates to her clients in wild kindness.

Ways I support clients:
Accommodations Consultant:

  • Equip you with resources on accommodations you can request

  • Assist in completing paperwork/documentation for accommodations

  • Advocate with you with employer

  • Strategize with you to identify needs and match accommodations

  • Scripting conversations around accommodations in the workplace and beyond

Career Coach:
  • Working with you to identify strengths and skill-set to determine best fit employment for how your brain and body works

  • Supporting you in navigating job searches

  • Provide resources on disability inclusive job search platforms

  • Supporting you in writing and talking about skills & transferable skills

  • Equipping you with advocacy tools for interview and onboarding process

  • Support you in getting accommodations in your new workplace