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Life and Relationship Coaching

Empowering Through Lived Experience

You don’t have to have all the answers or be a productivity machine. And you don’t have to do all the things alone. You can benefit from an ally who can help you prioritize yourself and your needs, and take action steps towards a meaningful and happy life. Neurodivergent-affirming coaching can help you feel supported, empowered, and inspired.

Our integrative neurodivergent coaching services can include:

  • Supporting you on your journey of identity exploration (safe, unmasked space to explore who you are and what you need)

  • Helping you explore your neurodivergence in an affirming, non-judgemental way

  • Relationship coaching (how to improve your connections, get your needs met, live harmoniously with the people in your life)

  • Helping you understand your neurodivergent loved one

  • Helping you locate and connect with communities and resources that resonate with you

  • Working on a problem or task together with your coach

  • Body-doubling

  • Building your self-esteem, self- confidence, self-expression

  • Establishing and enforcing your boundaries

  • Confidence and self-esteem coaching, helping you feel empowered

  • Parent coaching (helping neurodivergent parents, or parents of neurodivergent children)

  • Navigating major transitions in your life

  • Preventing and recovering from burnout

  • Unpacking neuronormativity and internalized ableism

  • Prioritizing self-care

Coaching and consultation services are very individualized to your needs, where you are in your life, and what your goals are.

Integrative Neurodivergent Coaching Services - $150 per 50-minute session

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