Post-Diagnosis Coaching

Post-Diagnosis Coaching

You Have The Answers,
Now It’s Time For Support

We understand that receiving an autism or ADHD diagnosis as an adult can bring a mix of emotions and a wave of new questions. The realization of "I have my diagnosis, now what?" is common, and we believe you deserve dedicated support as you navigate this journey.

Post-Diagnosis Self-Discovery Package

We offer a post-assessment coaching package to provide structured, focused, and consistent support following your evaluation.

Processing Your Neurotype and Diagnosis:

  • Focus on understanding your neurotype and the official diagnosis

  • Explore the range of emotions you may be experiencing and provide a safe space for you to process this new information.

Integrating Your Identity:

  • Explore how your diagnosis fits into your life story—past, present, and future.

  • Further your identity exploration and integrate this new understanding into your everyday life.

Planning Your Next Steps:

  • Identify actionable steps centered around your unique needs and goals.

  • Explore support options, consider official accommodations, receive support around disclosing your diagnosis to loved ones, find a supportive community, or plan for bigger lifestyle changes, we’ll help you create a personalized roadmap for your journey ahead.

Post-Diagnosis Self-Discovery Package

Package includes: 3 sessions for $300

Who It’s For

  • Recently diagnosed or late-identified autistic/ADHD adults

  • Individuals who have participated in assessment with us

  • Adults who have been diagnosed elsewhere are also welcome to benefit from our post-diagnostic coaching package

  • Self-diagnosed adults are also welcome

Guidance from Experts

Our coaches have specialized expertise and lived experience with neurodivergence, ensuring they understand your needs deeply.

Immediate Support

No wait list means you can start your coaching sessions right after your diagnosis, ensuring continuous support.

Structured yet Personalized Approach

While we follow a general framework, each session is tailored to your individual journey, making sure you get the most relevant support.

Holistic Care

Our coaching extends beyond just understanding your diagnosis; we help you integrate this new information into your life and plan for the future.

We hope this structured, focused approach can provide the comprehensive support you need as you navigate the next steps in your neurodivergent discovery process.

$300 for a package of
3 post-diagnosis coaching sessions

If you're interested in our post-diagnosis coaching package, please contact us at or call (201) 308-3710.