The Divergent Voice

​​How to bring up autism to a therapist

By: NeuroSpark Health

It’s remarkable how many people have suspicions that they might be autistic, but they don’t know how (or don’t feel comfortable) to bring up autism with their therapist.

What is AuDHD

By: NeuroSpark Health

AuDHD is a term that many members of the neurodivergent community use to describe the experience of being both autistic and ADHD. AuDHD is not a clinical term, and it doesn’t appear in the DSM, but it is a lived experience term created by the community that is both short and sweet.

Is Zoning Out a Sign of ADHD?

By: Dani Rodwell

A common question that people ask themselves when they start to explore and learn more about neurodivergence is whether zoning out is a sign of ADHD. That’s both a valid experience and a valid question.

How to get out of Task Paralysis with ADHD

By: NeuroSpark Health

Executive functioning is a set of important skills that enable you to get things done. Simply, the adjective “executive” refers to the quality of being suited to put plans and actions into effect.

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