Meet the Team

Dr. Julie Landry


Hi, I’m Julie. I’m a licensed clinical psychologist, a veteran, and a mom of 2 neurodivergent boys. Raising my kids was like looking in a mirror﹣ it led me to pursue a formal evaluation for myself, and when I was diagnosed with ADHD, it helped me make sense of things My spark is helping people become successful in their own variety of waysI get to have a front-row seat to such powerful transformations. My inspiration comes from my clients who think outside of the box.

I am dedicated to supporting and uplifting this community in all that I do. A big part of being an ally is to always be open-minded, and I am continuing to learn every day about how to make all spaces more neurodiversity-affirming. That’s why I value collaborative, interactive, and engaging conversations where you teach me about your worldview. It’s an honor to join you.

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Dani Rodwell, LCSW


Hey, I’m Dani. At my core, I am an advocate and ally to all people who exist outside of the norm. As a neurodivergent woman, raised by a neurodivergent mother, working with this community isn’t just a niche for me, it’s my life. My multiple disabilities and intersectionalities unquestionably shape who I am and how I treat people.

I’ve never met a neurodivergent person that didn’t amaze me in some way. They add light to my life, they help me see things in new ways and they help me feel like it’s okay to be me. I feel very lucky to have been working with this community for over 7 years, because I get to experience this magic every day. It is a privilege to have found my tribe. Can’t imagine being in any other space.​​​​​​​

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Lex Curry, LCSW


Hey there, I’m Lex. I'm a licensed clinical social worker and trauma therapist based in New York City. I’m queer, transgender, chronically ill, and autistic. I specialize in working with folks with stigmatized behaviors and identities, or who are otherwise mistreated and ignored in traditional mental health settings.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

If you're learning to safely unmask your neurodivergent self, exploring your gender identity or sexuality, examining your substance use, or navigating non-traditional relationship structures like ethical non monogamy, polyamory, BDSM, or queerplatonic dynamics, I'd love to work with you!

My therapeutic approach is, above all else, strengths-based and person-centered. You are the expert in your own experience and what you need. You can expect our first few sessions to focus on: 1) clarifying what you'd like to get out of therapy; 2) mapping out your strengths, ways of coping, and support system, and; 3) identifying what you need to confidently move forward in treatment. How we achieve these objectives together is up to you – I enjoy using art projects, meditation, body-work, and color coded check lists.

My special interests include HIV/AIDS activism, plants, animals, slime ASMR, and many types of art.

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Amanda Sokolik

Marketing Partner, CEO of Emblem Marketing

Hi! I’m Amanda, but most people call me Mandi. I have a master’s degree in communications and have spent the last 15 years honing in on my passion: to help people tell their stories in a way that resonates and makes an impact.

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